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With the hope of many more to come, Amber has released her first book! 

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There are times in life you are blessed to see a tremendous spiritual increase in a fellow believer. Such is the case with our wonderful friend and sister in the Lord, Amber Brown. Of course, the same goes for Obe. Grace, as so wonderfully described by Amber always results in an overflowing heart of thanksgiving. This book will eliminate the “performance” based beliefs in your walk with God as you enjoy the rest and refreshing of the Spirit of Grace. Thanks Amber for revealing our Father’s great love plan as ushered to us by His Grace!

Gregory and Jackie Pope,
Senior Pastors of Covenant Church

Book Synopsis

Amber Brown’s new book Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is a timely read for this emerging generation. People so desperately need to hear the gospel of grace in a simple yet very profound way. Amber has done this so remarkably. In these pages you will feel like she is sitting down across from you and pouring her heart out, showing how God’s grace completely revolutionized her life. Amber is a gifted singer, writer, communicator, and minister, but more importantly, she is my dear friend. I’ve watched her on this grace journey for some time now and have seen first hand how it has capitulated her into a whole new level of impact and influence in her calling. The uniqueness of her life and ministry lend itself so perfectly to the niche she has discovered in conveying the gospel of the New Covenant, especially to teenagers, college age, and young adults. Overcoming insecurity and finding your identity is the great theme throughout these pages and for all of us who struggle with the same issues; you will find great freedom herein. Appropriate to the title, the revelations of God’s grace in this book will hit you in the head like a horseshoe, and like a hand grenade, will blow up everything you thought you knew about God and His great love for you. Although being close isn’t good enough, this book will certainly get you closer to comprehending the true gospel in a way  that is easy to read and understand.

Tony Sutherland
Speaker, Author, Worship Leader

Amber and Obe actively teach classes on Worship Development. They have a heart for cultivating the next generation in the areas of identity, worship, and relationship. Their approach is about doing life together and growing in grace and love. 

At events and conferences, where they both speak and lead worship, Obe and Amber are passionate about bringing the Good News of the Gospel of Grace to all!

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What a revelation! There is nothing greater than when the Lord walks you through a transition that brings massive insight. This is the story of Amber’s transformation from loving God to being able to be loved by God. This powerful message is transforming lives around the globe. I highly recommend Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, grab a highlighter, a pen, and some tissue, because God is about to do an incredible work in your life!

Jason Mayfield
Host, Grace For Life TV

Sometimes all it takes is a moment of revelation to change everything. This is a book about a personal journey to a simple truth that took an exhausted and questioning believer to a place of rest and fullness. For so many that are experiencing confusion, anxiety, lack and fatigue, it’s time to experience an overwhelming tide of good news that is for every area of life. This revelation is about more and discovering the game changer that takes a life that is impossibly hard to a life that is effortless. Good news anyone?

Obe and Amber